Gianluca Altomani

devgianlu · Italy · [email protected]

I am a young self-taught developer from Italy. I started messing up with the computer when I was very young and then this became my main hobby. Probably my work in the future.

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Apart from being developer and computer geek, I am an athlete, in particular, a sprinter. I train for three days a week after school, that helps me alleviate a lot of stress. I managed to place myself 5th in the 100m (11"52') and 9th in the 200m (24"02') at regional level and I am looking forward to improve. Here are all my results.

Coding isn't my only hobby, in fact, I like electronics a lot and want to work with in the future in a more professional way. I own some Arduinos and like to salvage parts from old/broken stuff. As a side hobby, I also repair phones for friends.




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